Akali Blood Moon Cosplay (remake)

Wow I didn't post anything here for a looong time... ; - ; sorry about that!
I've been mostly active on my Facebook and my Instagram, links are now at the right side of my blog under my profile if you want to follow my daily adventures ~  =^.^=

So! While I was gone, I have been working on several projects that I will update my blog with as soon as possible!

Among other things, I remade my Blood Moon Akali cosplay for Riot's Lunar Revel Event they had this February and I reaaallly wanted to make the cut so I remade EVERYTHING (except the mask) on my old blood moon cosplay just so it would be completely homemade and updated! ^__^

I learned some new techniques that I used on my new pair of weapons and here is the result ~

If anyone wants a tutorial for the weapons I'm more than happy to post one later on!

This was the end result and I'm really happy with it ~ my most comfortable cosplay yet! I really adore Akali and I can't wait to cosplay her default skin this weekend at Närcon 2015!! ^___^

Blood Moon Akali (remake of my old version)

Akali blood moon Cosplay

Blood Moon Akali Cosplay
Blood Moon Akali Cosplay
Akali Cosplay Blood Moon

League of Legends Akali Blood Moon cosplay

Nurse Akali Cosplay League of Legends

Aaaahh so excited to reveal my recent cosplay that I wore in London at Hyper Japan +.+ I know some people have been dying to know and I'm sorry for the delay, I'm just very lazy ~

I will probably make a tutorial for these weapons (I took some progress pictures and now I just need to stahp with the lazyness *w*) I tried another technique for this pair because as usual I didn't have a lot of time. I made them in 2 weeks (and don't forget I work 8 hours 5 days a week Q_Q get off my back guys!! jk ehe~ ♥)

Before the nurse akali cosplay reveal I'm going to go ahead and say this; this wasn't a cosplay I really planned on doing. Personally I don't like this kind of fanservice but the trip to Hyper Japan was very spontanious and I didn't have time to sew (or LEARN to sew) the cosplay I had originally planned to be my next. This was a bit of a last minute thing since I ordered the nurse outfit cheap online ^_^''

So, sorry for the fanservice and the "R-rated" pictures but I don't have much to show off anyways, hahh, so bare with me on this one oke ^.~ ♥

OBS! Since we were in London at Hyper Japan, we didn't get any time and no good place to take in-character pictures so we had to take them at our hotel room ; w ; (which only makes the cosplay seem more inappropiate *cry cry*)

I'll try to redo this shoot with Sandra at a better spot next time! ^__^ Now here goes~ 

akali cosplay nurse league of legends
akali cosplay nurse league of legends
nurse akali cosplay league of legends
nurse akali cosplay league of legends

As charming as always ~ yours truly,

Blond Emo Girl Look

Sorry for the lame title ~ Last weekend I went out with a friend to see Dracula Untold and I took the opportunity to "dress up" a bit, since I rarely do that on weekdays. Tired from work and everything q.q' I just don't see any point with wearing make-up at work! My hair and skin get all dusty anyways..

So I took a FEW pictures of my blonde wig ^__^ I mixed it with black clip-ons to make it a little more alternative ~ along with extremely smudged eyes!

I might post more pictures of this look if it's appreciated, we'll see I guess? c:

blonde emo scene girl

Tell me your opinion in the comments ~ ?

Ahri Cosplay League of Legends Part 1

For those who follow my instagram (I guess I'm more active there atm :c so lazy) knows that I went to Stockholm to see my bestie Sandra <3 and of course with that comes photoshoots!

I had the best time and I might post a few pictures from that later on c:

Anyways, to this post now!

I was cosplaying Ahri from League of Legends, my favorite game of all time +.+, at Närcon last summer but we didn't have time to take any pictures! So we made up for it a few weeks ago ~

I'm not a perfect Ahri but I did my best ; . ; hope you like! <3

league of legends cosplay ahri sexy
league of legends ahri cosplayahri cosplay league of legendscute ahri cosplay league of legends

Hope you like it \( ^__^ )/ ~ and look forward to part 2 ~
Already planning my third cosplay, can you guess who?

Hint: it's a character from my favorite game ehe ♥

Akali Blood Moon Cosplay ~ Part 1

So I started to make a tutorial here on my blog on how to make blood moon akali weapons (part 1) but I only posted part one out of three yet, I'm sorry about that. But since I finished them and Sandra took my photos already I thought I'd show how they ended up, I'm very excited about it!

Thanks for editing them for me, I'm sorry I'm so lazy <3 I will get better.

The photos were taken at Närcon 2014 in Linköping Sweden =^.^=

Weapons and mask, made by me.
Model: me
Clothes, EzCosplay.

blood moon akali cosplay league of legends tutorial
blood moon akali cosplay league of legends
blood moon akali cosplay league of legends
blood moon akali mask league of legends cosplay
~ As balance dictates ~

Now, when I'm no longer stressed about the cosplay making I will try my best to put up a proper tutorial for both weapons and mask ^.^' Look forward to that!

I need to get more blog-active :c I work too much really...

Anyways, this is the result of my hard work, and I would say it's not all that bad considering it was my first ever try to make a cosplay and I learned A LOT in the process ^.^

Look out for Part 2 of this photoshoot but also Part 2 of my blood moon akali weapons tutorial!


emo girl blog scene

Emo Girl Smudget Eyeliner Look

I was really happy when the stand for my camera arrived :33 finally I will be able to take some decent outfit pictures!  Was testing it out for the first time a while ago, though this was during my allergies to I didn't do much after that  ^^' just that one test was a pain, having to put makeup on even if it was just a bit of a smudge around the eyes..

Well, anyways thought I'd share some of the result pictures with you!

cute small emo scene girl
cute smokey eye make-up emo
jack daniels top shirt emo
rocker girl emo scene jack daniels top

I'm also gonna throw in a sneakpeak of my instagram x3

cute emo girl black hair smokey eyes eyeliner smudged
For this I just used a plain black eyeliner and smudget it out a bit. Also a white pencil above my under lashline to make the eyes seem bigger. Very quick and easy make-up for those who wants an eyecatching look but don't have much time on their hands!


emo scene girl black smudget eyeliner hair

How to Look Good Without Make-up

This post will be about something close to my heart, make-up - but also- no make-up.

So this will not really be about a magic beautysecret that will make you perfectly pretty without make-up. (sorry!)

This is my secret about how to look good without make-up. I apologize for the upcoming wall of text.

I started using make-up in highschool (pretty late for the standard girl I guess) But as the years pass, my bag of make-up is just getting bigger and bigger, and my interest for it has increased a bunch. I mean who doesn't like make-up really? So many possibilities!
I can look forward to days where I know I'm going to doll myself up a little extra, like when I'm going to see my darling or going out somewhere with friends.

But, the reason I have so much fun and think it's such a big deal when I spend time putting make-up on, is because I so rarely do it. And whatever you dudes think, girls don't use it everyday. Especially not me (bc I'm lazy and I like to be comfortable qwq).

But back to the subject of this post. I've always been scared to use make-up, especially on a regular basis. Why? Because I've been scared to feel ugly without it.
Because you see, girls, the reason you feel unpretty without make-up, is not because you are but because you THINK you are. Your eyes get used to what it sees every day.
I feel sad when I think about all these beautiful girls who don't think they can walk outside without spending hours in front of the mirror. Feeling like you're not good enough in your natural state is a sad feeling.
We all have days we feel a little more comfortable, maybe a sunday afternoon in front of the TV and a pizza on your lap .. hey, those days are awesome! And everyone deserves those days without feeling like they are unattractive in that state.
Girl, you should walk around in those sweat pants and feel sexy as hell!

So my point is, the problem is not your face, it's your attitude. 

Don't get me wrong please, I love make-up and I would never tell a girl to stop using it or suggest that someone who uses make-up is not comfortable in her/himself. Make-up is FUN. And it's nice to feel a little extra cute sometimes. I'm just saying that you shouldn't feel like you need it.
I want every girl in the world to wake up in the morning, look herself in the mirror and say "Damn, I'm sexy". Because she is. And she deserves to know and to feel it.

I know it's hard to get out of this make-up circle, and I'm not saying to quit but to reduce the amount and just slowly get used to your naked face. Practise in front of the mirror and compliment yourself, you've heard this before. And imo(!), the key to confidence is to fake it. In the end, you'll even fool yourself. Faking a good confidence is not wrong, it will help you on the way to real genuine confidence. It's the same with happiness. Fake it till you make it, I say.

This topic came to me during my month of allergies (which I talked about in the post before this one) and I walked around make-up free for a month, not to irritate my already red itchy eyes.

I also took a few pictures (minimum editing, no cheating here!) of myself without make-up. I wouldn't talk this much about being confident in your make-up free face if I couldn't back it up right?
I hope these will encourage and inspire you to get used to your natural beauty and feel beautiful no matter what.

how to be pretty look good without makeup
cute hipster girl
cute hipster girl
hipster vintage emo
sexy girl long black hair hipster
Yes my eyes are a bit red because of allergies and stuff :'3 sorry if these pictures scared you huehue

So stop looking away from the mirror, embrace your natural beauty and your confidence will shine through and everyone will see exactly what you see. That you're beautiful.


sexy girl long black hair

The Reason I Haven't Made A Post In a Month - INSTAGRAM!

I will just make a quick post before my next to explain my absence (since I've noticed a lot of people check my blog daily and I think I owe it to them).

No, I have NOT stopped blogging ^.^ but you could say I have been sick.

Not really sick as in sick but, this has been the month of the year where I get my grass-allergies so to speak. The grass spore content has been really high this month and particularly this year so I've struggled a lot to keep up with work everyday along with a runny nose, red inflamed eyes, headaches, itchy throat, fever and the list goes on.

I haven't been able to use makeup in a month and I had to use sunglasses even on rainy days to protect my eyes from the spores.

Long story short, I have not been well enough to do anything and I have been extremely exhausted and tired from this..

Someplace I have been active though is instagram since it has been so convenient and easy for me at this time. If you're interested in more daily updates and a little more about my private life, feel free to follow me there as well!

emo scene girl instagram

As you can see, my username there is also CandyAbuse =^.^= If you are a follower of my blog, make sure to tell me so I can great and thank you personally <3

Thanks for being so patient with me, and thanks to the people who has been commenting posts while I wasn't even posting. It inspired me <3


emo scene girl blog

What My Phone-Screen Looks Like!

Haha, random topic but I thought it might be fun to show what my phone looks like ^^ not outside but my theme. I've seen a lot of people do this on their blogs and I sometimes think it's fun to see what kind of creative theme others have. So I decided to show my own!

I really like it since it's so girly and cute ~ I've had this theme for a very long time now. Sure I like variation but I just got stuck with this D: can't seem to let it go yet haha

cute theme for phonecute pink phone theme

I just love how the icons look! All cutified ~ The perfume bottle in the down right corner is were my other apps are.

Unfortunately I don't have a perfectly matched textmessage theme but I've had this for a while too and I think it's kind of cute too ~

cute pink theme textmessages

Hehe, excuse the blurryness~ but yea, this is what my textmessages look like :3 they have these little bear thingies, hearts in the background and tiny ribbons in the upper corner of each message. I also changed the standard font of my whole phone in the options!

Soo this is what my phone looks, insiiiideee >:3 hehe

To install these themes I used the app Go Sms Pro <--link ~
Some of the themes cost money but there are lots of goodlooking ones for free too, like mine!

Once again, thanks for reading! xoxo,

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How to Make Blood Moon Akali Weapons Tutorial Part 1

Hello ~
Yes, I have been quite busy lately, getting stressed out about the anime convention I'm going to with Sandra in July ^^' a lot of things to order and a lot of things to make ~
Right now I'm working on the weapons to my Blood Moon Akali cosplay which I'm planning to wear at the convention!

Well, this will be more like a "How I made my blood moon akali weapons" ^^' if you even can call this a tutorial I'm not sure :3
Since I'm far from finished I will split this tutorial in a few posts but when I make more, the other parts will be linked at the bottom of each post ~

For those who do not know, Akali is a character/champion from the online game League of Legends, and she happens to be one of my favorite ones to play.

blood moon akali cosplay weapon tutorial
 Picture taken from League of Legends forums

Let's get started! ~

What you need:

  • Expanding foam
  • Cardboard
  • Pen or marker (I prefer using a pen first, then fill the lines with a marker)
  • A knife or if prefered scissors
  • Spraybottle with water
  • Old newspaper (to protect the floor from the sticky foam)
  • Cutting board (if you use a knife to protect the floor)

Start out with cutting out a big piece of cardboard, scetch up the weapon in the size you want it to be.

blood moon akali cosplay weapon tutorial

In this picture I have already scetched and drawn the lines with a marker. A tip, just take your time scetching, erasing, measuring and redoing.. you need to be happy your pattern!

blood moon akali cosplay weapon tutorial

Cut out your scetch! I chose to use a knife because I think it makes the edges look cleaner.

Since I want TWO weapons, I used my first drawn pattern to make a second one. I did this by putting my first made one over another piece of cardboard and just drawing a line around the edges. 

Spray the cut-out pattern with the water bottle (it said so on the foam-bottle) then cover one side of your cardboard pattern with the expanding foam. Once again, use the water bottle and spray this time over the foam. This will make the foam dry faster.

This is a picture of when the foam has expanded, so keep in mind not to use too much since it will expand to at least twice the size!

blood moon akali cosplay weapon tutorial

Wait 60 minutes. 
The foam will have expanded and grown a bit harder, but NOT hard enough for you to cut it yet.
Now you can turn the weapon around and cover the other side with foam aswell.

After 24 hours, you can begin to sculp your weapon.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the tutorial! ^^
Look forward to the second part hopefully coming up tomorrow! xoxo,

blood moon akali cosplay weapon tutorial

How to find the clothes you want online

I think we've all been there. You see a picture or a photo online, there's a shirt, dress, jewellery or maybe a pair of shoes you want. But! You have no idea where this item was bought and no idea of where it could be either. Then I've got the solution for you!

how to find the clothes I want online

The Hunt

This must be one of my favorite sites and I use it on a regular basis to find the clothes I'm looking for. It's helped me a lot and now I wanted to share my secret with you!

It's actually very simple. There are two ways of using this site to find where to buy your item.

  1. You make an account and you start a "hunt". All you need to do is use the picture where the item is shown, make a good title and tag it with relevant keywords. You may choose alternatives as "This exactly", "similar to this" and even things like "what goes with this" and "style me"!
  2. You use the searchbar by typing in keywords that describe your item. If you don't find it the first time, just search again using different tags. People might describe the item differently than you would.
    If you find your item and there are no finds for it yet, just follow the hunt and you will be noted when a find comes up!
This site isn't only used for finding items, some people use it to search for exercising tips, books, movies and some people even wants to get help styling themselves

I really love this site, not only because it's easier to find the things that I want, but for windowshopping too! Sometimes I go there not knowing what I want and I quickly find something interesting ~

emo scene core girl blog

New Blog Design - New Header!

Hey! I juust finished the header for my blog and phew .. :'3 I sure took my time with it >.< I always take a while with these kind of things since I'm kind of a perfectionist... I will probably make some minor changes to the design but the header will stay as it is ^^ ... at least for a while 8D

This will be a short post since it's really late but now when my new blogdesign is up I feel very eager to make the posts I have planned ahead!

I hope you feel at home with the new design ~
blog design cute pink emo girl