Emo Girl Smudget Eyeliner Look

I was really happy when the stand for my camera arrived :33 finally I will be able to take some decent outfit pictures!  Was testing it out for the first time a while ago, though this was during my allergies to I didn't do much after that  ^^' just that one test was a pain, having to put makeup on even if it was just a bit of a smudge around the eyes..

Well, anyways thought I'd share some of the result pictures with you!

cute small emo scene girl
cute smokey eye make-up emo
jack daniels top shirt emo
rocker girl emo scene jack daniels top

I'm also gonna throw in a sneakpeak of my instagram x3

cute emo girl black hair smokey eyes eyeliner smudged
For this I just used a plain black eyeliner and smudget it out a bit. Also a white pencil above my under lashline to make the eyes seem bigger. Very quick and easy make-up for those who wants an eyecatching look but don't have much time on their hands!


emo scene girl black smudget eyeliner hair

How to Look Good Without Make-up

This post will be about something close to my heart, make-up - but also- no make-up.

So this will not really be about a magic beautysecret that will make you perfectly pretty without make-up. (sorry!)

This is my secret about how to look good without make-up. I apologize for the upcoming wall of text.

I started using make-up in highschool (pretty late for the standard girl I guess) But as the years pass, my bag of make-up is just getting bigger and bigger, and my interest for it has increased a bunch. I mean who doesn't like make-up really? So many possibilities!
I can look forward to days where I know I'm going to doll myself up a little extra, like when I'm going to see my darling or going out somewhere with friends.

But, the reason I have so much fun and think it's such a big deal when I spend time putting make-up on, is because I so rarely do it. And whatever you dudes think, girls don't use it everyday. Especially not me (bc I'm lazy and I like to be comfortable qwq).

But back to the subject of this post. I've always been scared to use make-up, especially on a regular basis. Why? Because I've been scared to feel ugly without it.
Because you see, girls, the reason you feel unpretty without make-up, is not because you are but because you THINK you are. Your eyes get used to what it sees every day.
I feel sad when I think about all these beautiful girls who don't think they can walk outside without spending hours in front of the mirror. Feeling like you're not good enough in your natural state is a sad feeling.
We all have days we feel a little more comfortable, maybe a sunday afternoon in front of the TV and a pizza on your lap .. hey, those days are awesome! And everyone deserves those days without feeling like they are unattractive in that state.
Girl, you should walk around in those sweat pants and feel sexy as hell!

So my point is, the problem is not your face, it's your attitude. 

Don't get me wrong please, I love make-up and I would never tell a girl to stop using it or suggest that someone who uses make-up is not comfortable in her/himself. Make-up is FUN. And it's nice to feel a little extra cute sometimes. I'm just saying that you shouldn't feel like you need it.
I want every girl in the world to wake up in the morning, look herself in the mirror and say "Damn, I'm sexy". Because she is. And she deserves to know and to feel it.

I know it's hard to get out of this make-up circle, and I'm not saying to quit but to reduce the amount and just slowly get used to your naked face. Practise in front of the mirror and compliment yourself, you've heard this before. And imo(!), the key to confidence is to fake it. In the end, you'll even fool yourself. Faking a good confidence is not wrong, it will help you on the way to real genuine confidence. It's the same with happiness. Fake it till you make it, I say.

This topic came to me during my month of allergies (which I talked about in the post before this one) and I walked around make-up free for a month, not to irritate my already red itchy eyes.

I also took a few pictures (minimum editing, no cheating here!) of myself without make-up. I wouldn't talk this much about being confident in your make-up free face if I couldn't back it up right?
I hope these will encourage and inspire you to get used to your natural beauty and feel beautiful no matter what.

how to be pretty look good without makeup
cute hipster girl
cute hipster girl
hipster vintage emo
sexy girl long black hair hipster
Yes my eyes are a bit red because of allergies and stuff :'3 sorry if these pictures scared you huehue

So stop looking away from the mirror, embrace your natural beauty and your confidence will shine through and everyone will see exactly what you see. That you're beautiful.


sexy girl long black hair

The Reason I Haven't Made A Post In a Month - INSTAGRAM!

I will just make a quick post before my next to explain my absence (since I've noticed a lot of people check my blog daily and I think I owe it to them).

No, I have NOT stopped blogging ^.^ but you could say I have been sick.

Not really sick as in sick but, this has been the month of the year where I get my grass-allergies so to speak. The grass spore content has been really high this month and particularly this year so I've struggled a lot to keep up with work everyday along with a runny nose, red inflamed eyes, headaches, itchy throat, fever and the list goes on.

I haven't been able to use makeup in a month and I had to use sunglasses even on rainy days to protect my eyes from the spores.

Long story short, I have not been well enough to do anything and I have been extremely exhausted and tired from this..

Someplace I have been active though is instagram since it has been so convenient and easy for me at this time. If you're interested in more daily updates and a little more about my private life, feel free to follow me there as well!

emo scene girl instagram

As you can see, my username there is also CandyAbuse =^.^= If you are a follower of my blog, make sure to tell me so I can great and thank you personally <3

Thanks for being so patient with me, and thanks to the people who has been commenting posts while I wasn't even posting. It inspired me <3


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